Tuesday, July 6, 2010

So much to say, so little time. Music, life, acting, oh my!

Here I thought getting that last post off my chest would make me stop neglecting this blog. Apparently that is not the case, despite an astounding number of visitors to my blog, I have not written since the touchy circumcision post.

Well, I am once again breaking the silence, because there is so much going on in my head that I just need to let it out. The first thing I need to say: I really miss music. Not just listening to music and singing along, I mean really being actively involved in the world of music and performing. Teaching helps with that a little, but it's just not the same.

I started pondering how I could start doing what I love again, and a solution came to me when a friend mentioned something about wanting her kids to be involved in music from a young age, but not having access to classes nearby (thanks for the light bulb moment, Sharon!). I realized that not only do I have the background and certifications to do this, it's something that sounds genuinely fun and exciting to me! So, as of today, as of right now, I am in the process of figuring out what I need to do to get this ball rolling. Tonight, another friend mentioned that the homeschool community in my area is also severely lacking in the music department, classes are either too expensive or too hard to get into or too specialized. My mind immediately started pondering this...Elementary level general music classes for homeschool students? Yes, I can definitely do that! Again, this sounds like a blast and I would love to do this.

If I could get these classes started up, I could afford to take voice lessons again! If I can take voice lessons again, maybe I could start auditioning again some, and start doing what I genuinely love to do! As far as auditioning, I am actually taking the leap and auditioning for a play this weekend. The play will be wonderful and interesting, it is called BOLD (Birth On Labor Day), and is a lot like the vagina monologues, but focusing instead on women's birth experiences. The parts of the script I have read are fantastic and sound like a lot of fun, I really hope the audition goes well.

As far as Hunter goes, he is the most amazing little person I have ever met. He constantly astounds me with the things he understands, and since he started crawling a month ago he has become so FAST it's ridiculous. This child has some mad ninja skills, I set him down in the living room, and in seconds he is halfway across the kitchen getting into cabinets. Time to invest in some of those cabinet lock things. His signing vocabulary is growing every day, he inconsistently signs for milk and potty, and started signing "more" today when I had avocado as an incentive. His favorite person in the world right now is his Daddy, he absolutely adores him and would be content to play for hours as long as Daddy was there. Oh, and he now has 2.5 teeth, his top left tooth decided to finally make an appearance today!

Phew, I finally feel a little more caught up. Hopefully this post can be the start of me actually being productive this week, my house could use a little TLC (aka serious deep cleaning).


  1. serious deep cleaning is overrated. take one room at a time. my bathroom is what needed it the most (esp with the cloth diapers).

    sounds like you found yourself a niche there, girl! go at it! get into it NOW while you have the motivation for it. Before long you might find yourself finding excuses to keep you from your passion. You're a mom. It's what we do.

  2. Sounds exciting! The play and the music classes! Good for you! My mom has a music school and has been bugging me to try to start something for little kids - but I just don't have the passion for it. If you do - GO for it!!! I just wish I could bring my DD! :)

    I did one play after DD was born and it was a fabulous experience. I haven't found the time or money or part to do another yet - man life gets busy and goes by so fast. But I definitely miss it. Don't let it slip away!!

    oh and the house. blech! I agree - one room at a time! ;)